Consumer protection when buying a Condo

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Learn about your rights before and after you buy a condo, and your responsibilities as a condo owner.

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  • Can condo corporations hand out fines?

    The Condominium Act does not allow a condo corporation to “fine” a unit owner. But keep in mind that a “fine” is not the same as the recovery of costs against a unit owner. A condo corporation may be entitled to recover costs against a unit owner dependin

  • Can a condo property manager enter my unit without notice?

    It is possible in some cases. If there is an emergency, like a fire, management may be able to enter a unit immediately or without notice. Check your condominium’s declaration, by-laws and rules. Normally, a representative of a corporation may enter a uni

  • What should I do if my condo doesn’t respond to a repairs work order?

    Contact your condo manager or the board of directors to clarify who is responsible for any repair and maintenance that’s needed. Responsibility for maintenance and repairs can vary from one condominium property to another. If you have insurance for your u

  • Can I withhold my condo fees until urgent repairs are carried out in my unit?

    Generally, unit owners have to pay their condo fees even if they have a claim or dispute with the condo corporation. If they do not pay, the corporation can register a certificate of lien against a unit. This lien can be enforced, if necessary, by selling

  • Condo owner rights and responsibilities

    Learn about the rights and responsibilities of condo owners, how condominiums are run and how to work with a condo board.

  • Buying a condo (resale)

    What buyers should understand and keep in mind when thinking of purchasing a resale (not a newly-built) condo.

  • Buying a condo (newly-built)

    What buyers should understand and keep in mind when thinking of purchasing a newly-built condo from a developer.

  • Before you buy a condo

    Living in a condo is not always the right choice for everyone. Make sure you understand the responsibilities, rules and fees that come with being a condo owner.